Beth-Peor Aviv Fellowship

Fellowship with Us on the Sabbath Day!

The Valley of Beth-Peor Aviv Fellowship meet in Sierra Vista, Arizona!   We’re at the Embarcadero in Veteran’s Memorial Park.  Find us on the Sabbath Day at the steps of the Amphitheater around 4:00pm. 

Come into The Glory with us as we Praise & Worship the Coming Bridegroom, followed by Biblical Lessons   Brother Rodney, along with his Son’s of Love, Jacob & Isaac blow the Shofar of Fire and invite you and your family to Come Out of Babylon and Take the Journey of Mystery and Discovery!  You may even end up Trumpeting a Shofar of Fire of your very own!   Brother Rodney & his Son’s of Love move in the Anointing Ruach gifting of cleansing and healing the inflected.

Did Havdalah keep You Away?… no worries we often times record and share these moments and many others … here!

Experience The Shofar of Fire as Brother Rodney & his Son’s of Love herald in the Trumpeting Call that Gathers the Remnant at the Appointed Time.

Veteran’s Memorial Park

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 and we’ll assist you with directions to the new meet location.  Also we can assist you in getting setup in our Private Beth-Peor Forums.   Please, go ahead and complete the member signup form below.  Your information will be kept confidential.

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