Welcome to The Valley of Beth-Peor!


A Remnant is Coming Out of Mystery Babylon into this Spiritual Valley filled with Signs, Wonders, Mysterious Clouds Full of Thunder and Hard Rain.  They are to make final preparations for crossing over into the Promised land.  This Remnant will overcome the evil upon the land that we are to inherit and possess.

Beth-Peor is that valley where Moses told Joshua, Joshua is a shadow picture of Yeshua, to prepare the Israelites for the coming battle, then lead them across the Jordan River to reclaim the Promised Land.  

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Let us Learn to Rejoice & 

Sing The Song of Moses & The Lamb

Shabbat in the Temple
Sabbath Psalm 92

Morning Service
Numbers 28:9-10 & Deuteronomy 32

Evening Service
Exodus 15

The Song of the Lamb
Revelation 15

The Latter Rain is Pouring out upon this Valley. 

The shadow pictures deep within Beth-Peor, are gathering a remnant, it's the mystery being revealed once more, showing us the good things that are to come.  

Sound the Shofar!  Awake!  ARISE! 

For the Bridegroom is Coming!!!

We are here for this purpose:  To make known the Mystery of the Gospel, to make The Way straight, to restore all things and to herald in the coming of the Bridegroom, 

Yeshua HaMashiach